The Sanskrit meaning of "Anaya" means to be 'completely free'. This is the idea at the heart of our company. We are inspired by art, creativity, adventure, and the tenacity of the human spirit. We believe it's possible to change the world for the better, by using our business to help support fair trade artisans from all over the world. When local economies thrive, more freedom is created in the lives of all of us. And it is freedom, we believe to be at the core of what is necessary for a well-lived life.

About the Founder

I'm a professional photographer, who started a camera bag business after realizing that there was no such thing as a stylish camera bag. The photo industry had been male dominated for years, and therefore most bags were focused on function rather than fashion. So we launched Epiphanie in 2009, as the first ever line of camera bags designed specifically for women.

Last year, after many requests from our awesome community, I started researching unique camera straps to add to our line of bags. That's when I found the most incredible handwoven straps that were re-purposed from vintage huipils. Each one was an absolute work of art. Our customers fell in love with them, and so did I! So much so that I decided to launch this line, entirely sourced from these beautiful vintage fabrics, uniquely designed and handwoven in Guatemala. When you purchase an item, you are directly supporting these talented artisans. It is an honor to work with them, and to bring these gorgeous items to you! 



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