How to Photograph Fireworks!

June 28, 2017

It's that time of year again! If you're in the US, and will be enjoying a long weekend with fireworks, you might be able to use these tips on how to capture them!

1. FLASH - Turn it off, unless there is something in the foreground that you'd like to illuminate.

2. USE A TRIPOD - Nothing beats it for low light conditions. Even if we are super still, there is always a little bit of movement when we are holding the camera. This can cause your image to blur. For super sharp focus, mount your camera on a tripod, and even better, use a remote trigger. This will allow for long exposures, and super crisp focus!

3. ISO - You'll want to set this as low as you can. Recommended setting: 100-200

4. APERTURE - You're not very worried about depth of field, so a low aperture (high number) is best. Try f/8 or f/11.

5. SHUTTER SPEED - Experiment with this! Do you want super sharp lines? Then go for a shorter amount (like 1 second). Are you going for a little blur? Or want to photograph someone writing a word with sparklers? Then go longer (like 3-4 seconds).

Have fun! And we'd love to see your photos! Tag us online @anayastyle if these tips helped you!


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