How to Pass The Time On Your Next Road Trip

May 10, 2017

Going to visit a friend or relative and don't have a the extra cash for a flight? Taking a road trip is normally a fun and mor economical way to get to your vacation destination, but traveling alone can get boring and drag out the trip. The next time you end up in the car alone, try one of these five tips to make your trip more enjoyable!

ADD MUSIC to your iPod or create a brand new Spotify playlist for the drive. A good jam session in your car is the next best place (besides your shower) to rock out. Don't have time to put something together? Here's a great one we found on

LISTEN TO A PODCAST OR BOOK. Many of us have the intention to read a good book, but not the time. Before your next road trip, stop at Target or Barnes & Noble and check out their audio book section. Or, even easier, use the Audible app for an instant download after you purchase on Amazon. Don't know what to get? Here's a list of some great book recommendations. And here is one for podcasts.

LEARN A LANGUAGE. You know you've had that Duolingo or Rosetta Stone app on your phone for months; now is a great time to put it to use! Your car is the perfect judgment-free zone to speak freely and practice pronunciation. You'll be speaking fluently in no time!

CATCH UP. Depending ont he range of your drie and/or your phone plan, catching up with an old friend or relative can shed minutes or hours off your trip. Plan a time ahead with a friend or surprise gradnma with an impromptu phone call while you coast the highway. Make sure to set up your hand-free device ahead of time!

Happy Travels! xoxo


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