Easy Tips for Traveling on a Budget

April 23, 2017

Who says you need to be a Kardashian to be a jet-setter? Being broke shouldn’t mean a drain on experiencing other areas of the country and/or the world. Check out these 5 tips to help spend less during your next trip and hopefully save enough money in the process to book another one sooner, rather than later:

Do Your Research

First off, keep an on-going ‘Travel Fund’ in an empty coffee can or jar to constantly toss your loose change in. Having something tangible to see and count will encourage you to (literally) save your pennies. Ready to take the plunge and book a trip? Start by looking up flight and hotel packages for combined deals. Once you setting on a location, pick out attractions and restaurants you want to try ahead of time to know how much money to budget.

Look for Mistake Airfares

Turns out airlines are only people too, and sometimes they make mistakes! How does this happen? It can be anything from human error to problems with currency conversion. Luck for us, there are services out there dedicated to finding these mishaps. Our two favorites are Secret Flying (one of today's deals is $292 RT from DC to the Bahamas) and Pomelo Travel, (where they have found RT trips to Hawaii for only $96)! Other low fare sites: Airfarewatchdog, The Flight Deal, Skyscanner, Fly4Free.

Get there Efficiently

According to Fare Compare, the cheapest day to BOOK a flight is Tuesday around 3:00pm. The cheapest days to actual FLY are Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday. Flight still too expensive? Depending on your destination, driving may be the cheapest way. Once you arrive, make use of public transportation. Many hotels have complimentary shuttles to popular attractions and the bus or a taxi may save money instead of paying daily for a rental car.

Stay Smart

Instead of paying an arm and a leg for a 5-star hotel, look into alternate lodging. Depending on the area or country you’re traveling to, an Air B&B or hostel may be a more economical choice. Still staying at a hotel? Pack in the guests! Staying 3-4 in a room can save on daily costs and offer a lot of fun at the same time!

Manage Your Food Costs

Having a big breakfast will keep you full longer and let you eat less throughout the day. Not only can breakfast be the best and cheapest meal of the day, many hotels have FREE breakfasts and Air B&Bs usually have kitchens available for you to use to make your own. Purchasing food from grocery stores for picnic lunches or easy dinners can save some serious dough and allow you to really experience living as a local. Try limiting the amount of time you eat at expensive restaurants and take it easy at the bar (a few $10 cocktails each night and you’ll be broke in no time). The biggest wallet drain? Airports! Pack some snacks in your carry-on or ask for an extra bag of free pretzels during your flight to avoid paying $20 for a pre-wrapped sandwich plus an $8 bottle of water.  


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